Originally inspired by BMX Legend Bob Haro, Rad Designs has been designing jerseys and other products for BMX and MX going back to the 1980’s. Back then I would design jerseys and products for other brands. Since then I decided to supply custom jerseys and various other products and garments direct to the riders. Now we make and supply our World Famous Jerseys to teams, riders, Moms and Dads, Team Crew, shop staff, groupies and clubs across the globe. Our name is R.A.D Designs, RAD actually stands for Really. Awesome. Designs, yeah it is a bit cheesy, but we like it. Our World Famous 100% sublimated Jerseys are made from the best fabrics we can get, using the best fade proof inks, and are fully sublimated. Our jerseys have nice vibrant bright colors and are super comfortable. The quick absorption, fast drying wick fabric is nice and light so you can breath, but robust enough to handle most BMX, MTB and MX thrashings. Each jersey is designed with double stitching with a tail that extends down the back so you can tuck it into your pants. Whatever design you can dream of, we can design. No color limits, NO minimum orders. You give us a brief and/ or sketch on what style you like, and what color combo’s you want, and we will do the magic and design something “specially” for you that you will love. All enquiries to Rad Designs.


There are a number of options to choose from:

Raglan Long Sleeve

Regular (Set-In) Long Sleeve

Raglan Short Sleeve

Regular (Set-In) Short Sleeve


Round Neck

Available in 12 different sizes ranging from kids small, through Youth sizes up to Adult XXXL size.